Vasanth Pandiarajan

Software Engineer









Ruby on Rails






Master of Science
Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago
Aug 2017 - May 2019

Bachelor of Technology
Computer Science
SASTRA University, Thanjavur - India
Jul 2009 - May 2013


CereBro - API

  • Application that connects knowledge seekers with tutors to create learning communities.
  • Designed Intelligent algorithm to match learner with tutors within the university.
  • Iterative development of a REST API and Android application with Agile Methodology Ruby on Rails API server backed by PostgreSQL, Native Android application on Java - Handled complete development of Rails Backend, and some features in Android handling usage of Location Services, Google APIs.
  • Intelligent location handling to avoid repeatedly getting user location.
  • CereBro - Android

    • Android Client for API developed with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL
    • Supports Scheduling tutoring sessions for students with peers with the safety of the Academic Institution
    • Supports Push Notification, Secure Sharing of contacts among students
    • To-Do: In-app call and messaging
    • Breakout - VR

      • First Person game that involves the protagonist escaping from a building -Part of Virtual & Augmented Reality course.
      • Game logic implemented using C# and utilizing SteamVR plugin for HTC Vive development.
      • Implemented frame animation of objects on interaction with other objects utilizing colliders and triggers feature of Unity development

      • Vasanth Pandiarajan

        Software Engineer

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