CS491 - Virtual and Augmented Reality

Thoughts on Project 1 | Group 2

In group #2’s project, there were lots of cool stuff included in the office and also they were generous with adding physics properties to the objects. Some cool objects included were the Dyson Fan, Pokeball etc. Infact they had created the Dyson Fan by themselves, probably with Sketchup or Blender. The scale of these objects were also really good. Also, they have added a ton of interaction sounds and ambient sounds making this projects entertaining. In addition to all these, there were also a couple of wall mounted objects such as swords from Game of Thrones, Bow and Arrow etc. After all these assets being added, the Frame rate held up pretty well providing seamless transition throughout the demo.


Another Good thing I noticed about their project is their implementation of collisions. The collision effects are so real. It was very well evident with the trash bin model.