CS491 - Virtual and Augmented Reality

Project 1

Virtual Office

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In this project, the Engineering Research Facility Room 2068 of UIC is converted into an office space. The walls, floor and ceiling of the room were retained, but every other object in the room was removed. Various 3D models were added that made the space on par with some of the most amazing work environments in the world. The project was done on top of the original project that contained the design of the entire Electronics Visualizations Lab, created at UIC. Unity was the software used to create the VR world. Models created from other applications and also downloaded from online stores were imported into Unity as assets. These models were given various properties such as position, rotation, scale, etc to make them blend with the environment around them. This is to ensure that the VR environment is as immersive as possible. Models were downloaded for 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com and audios were downloaded from freesound.org. Custom models were also created with Google's SketchUp app.

To use the application, you need to have a computer setup with HTC VIVE base station. Copy the built executable file to the system and open it with Vive. You will be instantly inside the office space.

Video Demo



1Long TableNAlink
2Glass RoomNAlink
3Rotating StoolsNAlink
4LCD MonitorNAlink
5Split ACNAlink
6Charging DocksNAlink
7Pen StandVasanth PandiarajanNA
10Indoor PlantsNAlink
11TV RemoteNAlink
13Trash BinNANA
14Reception TableNAlink
16Mini FountainNAlink
17Tech MagazineNAlink
18Aqua StandNAlink
19Fountain StandNAlink
21Office CubiclesVasanth PandiarajanNA
22Office ChairsNAlink
24Stress BallsNAlink
25Fidget SpinnersNAlink
26Chess BoardNAlink
27Chess tableNAlink
28Chess Chair1Bhargav ArisettyNA
29Recreation Room Wall partitionerBhargav ArisettyNA
30Foosball TableNAlink
32Round Couch - BlueVasanth PandiarajanNA
33Round Couch - GreenVasanth PandiarajanNA
34Ring ChairBhargav ArisettyNA
35Switch BoardBhargav ArisettyNA
36Wall ArtBhargav ArisettyNA
37Disposable GlassBhargav ArisettyNA
38Chess Chair 2Bhargav ArisettyNA
39Company Logo 1Bhargav ArisettyNA
40Company board 1Bhargav ArisettyNA
41Macbook ProNAlink
42Lenovo ThinkpadNAlink
44Apple KeyboardNAlink
45Apple MouseNAlink
46Surface StudioNAlink
47Microsoft Arc TouchNAlink
49Touch Screen Mobile - BlackVasanth PandiarajanNA
50Touch Screen Mobile - WhiteVasanth PandiarajanNA
51Touch Screen Mobile - YellowVasanth PandiarajanNA
52FoosballVasanth PandiarajanNA
53Black Ceramic MugVasanth PandiarajanNA
54Red Mug, Black bent handleVasanth PandiarajanNA
55Red and Blue Mug - sharp handleVasanth PandiarajanNA
56Surface ProNAlink
57Microwave OvenNAlink
58Dining set 1NAlink
59Dining set 2NAlink
60Vending MachineNAlink
61Wall Partition 2Bhargav ArisettyNA
62PillarBhargav ArisettyNA
63Coffee MachineNAlink
64Granite TableNAlink
65Roof LightsNAlink


3Printer Soundfreesound.org
4Vending Soundzapsplat.com
5Mouse clickzapsplat.com
6Mobile Vibratezapsplat.com
7Ball Soundzapsplat.com
8Mac Start upfreesound.org
9Light Controlzapsplat.com
10Trash lid openzapsplat.com

The Team

Vasanth Pandiarajan

Vasanth Pandiarajan

Bhargav Arisetty

Bhargav Arisetty


Teleportation is one of the techniques used by people to move around in a Virtual Reality environment. Teleportation allows natural movement in the virtual environment. Hence this experience is more immersive. Also, we are able to instantly drop in at any location we need, giving us super human abilities. With teleportation, simulations like flying can be done easily thereby taking VR experience to the next level.

Wand Based Navigation

Wand based navigation is less closer to our natural movement and behaviour. We use controllers that are used to help us navigate. But Wand based systems also give us better flexibility to emulate touching and interacting with the objects in the virtual environment.