CS491 - Virtual and Augmented Reality

Perspectives in VR and AR with scaling

Virtual Reality enables us to create virtual worlds and experience them using our VR headsets. So we are able to create virtual worlds incorporating all our imaginations. Here different worlds can be designed just by changing the scale of the objects placed in the world. This simple task opens up to more ideas where diverse, immersive and interactive worlds can be created.

During the course of our education we all would have read the stories of Gulliver's Travels. The two major stories of 'Gulliver in Lilliput' and 'Gulliver in Brobdignag'. In the story of Lilliput, Gulliver is the giant man in an island of tiny thumb sized human beings. In the other story, he visits Brobdignag, where everyone is giant sized and Gulliver is as small as a Lilliputian with respective to a man from Brobdignag. With today's advanced VR tech, we will be able to recreate these stories virtually.

So, I have changed the scale of various objects in the EVL lab visualization. EVL mug was placed on a table, both of them raised to a scale of 10x their original size. On running this, the mug is as tall as the wall of the room. When a person experiences this in his headset, he will definitely get to know how Gulliver felt at Brobdignag.

During this scaling experiment, the major concer was the scaling of textures. Textures used on objects such as doors, EVL mug etc started to pixelate which diminishes the experience. So, plain scaling of objects does not guarantee a changed perspective unless the related textures and materials are also changed to scale effectively. The following images show various perspectives and original scale of the mug object placed in the EVL lab visualization.

Before Scaling


After Scaling