CS491 - Virtual and Augmented Reality

Thoughts on AR Applications | iStaging


The images at the top are screenshots from iStaging app which has the feature to place furniture and other household objects in your house using Augmented Reality. As you can notice, the application opens up the camera where the object can be placed on the view finder, that would emulate the reality of how the object will look when placed in the house. The app also offers a number adjustments to height and orientation.

The images at the bottom are from the same application, but only in the camera view, instead of indoor, an odd outdoor location was chosen. In this case, it is the view of taylor street looking towards the Willis Towers. As we can see from the images, the application does not consider the conditions of the surrounding before placing an object. We can place any object anywhere and get an idea of how it will be.

This application would be widely useful in development of new prototype products. We can create 3D prototypes and place them in the camera view using Augmented Reality. That would give a real feeling of the product that is developed. Since we will be having theproduct in a real scale, we can also try to modify those models and create new ones. In such a case, we can compare and contrast multiple of these modes and choose the best one among them for production without having to go for physical prototypes.

This can also be extended to building construction, where we can visualize how the building would look in realtime through the AR model superimposed on real world. We can move around the space and get a 3D view of the building that is about to be build without ever touching the ground. Since these can be experienced as first person, we can get a better idea of whether to go ahead with the design to construct or not. Finally, the usefulness of this application would be increased a hundred fold, if these are available in head mounted Augmented Reality devices.